Support for Current Operations for 2022-23


Athletic Scholarship Fund

The top priority for annual gifts, the Athletic Scholarship Fund is essential to obtaining a winning combination of athletic and academic excellence. Endowment distributions cover less than one-third of annual scholarship costs. The Athletic Scholarship Fund provides direct support for student-athlete scholarships and helps bridge the gap between endowment income and scholarship costs.

Donors can fund an Everyday Champions scholarship by pledging the cost of an full annual scholarship over a four-year period, and receive the opportunity to meet and nurture a personal relationship with their scholarship recipient.

The goal for the 2022-23 Giving Year for the Athletic Scholarship Fund is $2.75 million



The TECH Fund is the per-seat contribution* program for preferred seats for Georgia Tech Football and Men's Basketball. TECH Fund donors enjoy access to the best areas in Bobby Dodd Stadium, McCamish Pavilion and Mac Nease Baseball Park, as well as the benefits of being a season ticket member.

*As of January 1, 2018,contributions to the TECH Fund are no longer considered tax deductible in accordance with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Sport-Specific Funds

Gifts to Georgia Tech sports programs help each of Georgia Tech's 17 teams develop student-athletes by having a direct impact on the daily operations of their team and enhancing the student-athlete experience. Restricted gifts to Georgia Tech athletic teams fund additional expenses that are not typically within the particular program's operating budget. Examples include new technologies, upgraded and enhanced nutrition, international trips or expanded recruiting. Gifts to a specific sport can also earn benefits and recognition unique to your favorite team.

Men's Basketball & Football

Annual funds for Men's Basketball and Football come from small, but impactful core donor support groups, allowing these programs to have access to discretionary dollars in order to move quickly and efficiently in recruiting, coaching, and graduating championship student-athletes.
If you have interest in becoming a donor at top-level support with exclusive access to coaches and team events, please call the A-T Fund at 404-894-5414. 

Athletic Director's Initiative Fund

As the 2022-23 year takes shape, it remains important that Georgia Tech Athletics has the ability to be nimble and react quickly to an ever-changing landscape. Unrestricted gifts to the Athletic Director's Initiative Fund can be used at the discretion of the Director of Athletics to address unexpected critical needs as they arise. Commitments to the Athletic Director's Initiative Fund begin at $25,000. Contact the Alexander-Tharpe Fund at (404) 894-5414 with interest.