Edge Center for Student-Athlete Leadership


The Edge Center is long overdue for significant upgrades. In fact, it has been decades since the facility has been modified, decades during which vast technological and sociological changes have taken place. Consequently, it's age and deficiencies are apparent - to recruits, in particular.

Research has identified additions and enhancements that will make the space more attractive, energetic, flexible, and functional, with the goal of better serving student-athletes, staff, and fans year round.

What's more, these upgrades will touch every student-athlete at Georgia Tech, regardless of sport.


Create an Athletics Hub

This facility will become a focal point for creating and celebrating a dynamic student-athlete culture. It will be home base for coaching and GT Athletics operations, along with a one-stop-shop for key student-athlete services such as sports medicine, dining & nutrition, academics, and the Total Person Program.

Enhance the Image of GT Athletics

This facility will stand as a branding and communications asset for a range of audiences - anchoring recruitment efforts by showcasing the Institute's commitment to student-athlete success; offering interactive opportunities for pedestrians, non student-athletes, and fans; and creating excitement for GT Athletics through a combination of aesthetics, energy, and engagement.

Add Necessary Program Areas

The addition of almost 25,000 square feet of space will allow GT Athletics to grow existing functions; accommodate more teams and staff; and offer new and much-needed program areas to support student-athletes in everything from entrepreneurship to research to collaboration.

Better Leverage Location

This facility should be a critical campus fixture not only for student-athletes and staff, but for passersby and fans. Street level retail will invite people in, and a Rooftop Plaza will offer unique views of Downtown, Midtown, & Bobby Dodd Stadium. Renovations will also alleviate current service and access issues off Techwood Drive. 


The lives of GT student-athletes require balance across many aspects of life as a student. To help them reach their potential both on and beyond the playing field, Georgia Tech Athletics makes a significant commitment to a wide range of opportunities and resources. 

The Edge Center is the central point of access and engagement for these important programs, and renovation plans include more open areas and shared spaces to make the most efficient, effective use of the facility for student-athletes' growth and success.

Renovations to this facility will transform it into a hub of innovation and leadership, where student-athletes can cultivate teamwork, character, excellence and - true to Georgia Tech's DNA - innovation.

Edge Rendering

Student-Athlete Leadership

  • Academic Services offer personalized assessment, tutoring, and advising to help student-athletes succeed in their field of study.
  • Total Person Program provides guidance in areas such as leadership, professional development, personal growth, wellness, and community service.
  • Industry Specific Programming cultivates and leverages connections to successful alumni to establish pipelines to industries where student-athletes have career interests.

Sports Performance

  • Sports Medicine provides comprehensive healthcare through education, prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of all sports-related injuries.
  • Nutrition/Hydration promotes the importance of food as fuel and educates student-athletes on the role of proper nutrition and hydration in peak performance and wellness.
  • Mental Health Services help student-athletes with their mental game both on and off the field.
  • Motion Analysis helps student-athletes achieve maximum performance by assessing and increasing strength, speed, agility, and flexibility while guarding against injuries.

Sports Innovation

  • Test Kitchen Incubator gives student-athletes inspiration and support for sports-related start-ups and access to Georgia Tech's entrepreneurial neighborhood via CREATE-X and other initiatives.