Athletic Scholarship Fund

Dear A-T Fund Community,

At Georgia Tech, our athletics brand is our Everyday Champions - the young people who compete at the highest level of collegiate athletics, excel in a rigorous and rewarding academic institution, and pursue Dr. Homer Rice’s model of excellence and personal well-being in all aspects of life. Our success is defined through all three facets of our Everyday Champions formula:
Winning+ The Institute + The Total Person Program.

As we strive to recruit the nation’s most gifted student-athletes, we want those young people to realize that when they evaluate Georgia Tech against our competition, it is an apples-versus-oranges comparison. At Georgia Tech, they will have an opportunity unlike any other at the Power 5 level to develop into elite student-athletes, win championships, acquire the skills that will position them for a lifetime of success, and have the unparalleled academic, professional and social opportunities that Atlanta has to offer at their fingertips. 

Donor support for the Athletic Scholarship Fund has eclipsed $2.5 million in the last two giving years. Continuing to grow support for the Athletic Scholarship Fund will help ensure our ability to fulfill our mission of developing Everyday Champions. Please consider a gift to the Athletic Scholarship Fund and help us reach this year's goal of $2.75 million by June 30, 2023.


The top priority for annual gifts, the Athletic Scholarship Fund is essential in obtaining a winning combination of athletic and academic excellence. Endowment distributions cover just one-third of the annual scholarship costs. The Athletic Scholarship Fund provides direct support for student-athlete scholarships and helps bridge the gap between endowment returns and scholarship costs. Fully covering the cost of scholarships through philanthropy will be an important milestone toward the growth resources available for competitive excellence.


2022 Athletic Scholarship Fund Honor Roll

The Alexander-Tharpe Fund graciously thanks donors to the Athletic Scholarship Fund at the Alexander level and higher in the 2022 giving year (7/1/2021-6/30/2022). Donors to the Athletic Scholarship Fund contributed more than $2.5 million for the second consecutive year.

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