Competitive Drive Initiative


In a unified endeavor, the Institute and Georgia Tech Foundation have come together to accelerate funding for student-athlete scholarships with the launch of the Competitive Drive Initiative which features the Accelerate GT Match.

Through the Accelerate GT Match, any new gift to the Athletic Scholarship Fund will be matched 1:1 through December 31, 2022.


The Alexander-Tharpe Fund has set a goal of raising $3.5 million for this initiative by the end of the year. With every gift, the athletic association will receive matching funds up to $3.5 million for student-athlete scholarships. Now more than ever, your philanthropy can make a difference. With increased giving from all GT alumni, family and friends, the Accelerate GT Match will impact student-athletes and bolster Athletics unrelenting drive for excellence.





To be eligible to receive the Accelerate GT match credit, donors must make “new” gifts to the Athletic Scholarship Fund prior to December 31, 2022. “New gifts” are defined as any dollar amount greater than the amount given to the Athletic Scholarship Fund in the 2022 Giving Year (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022).

  • Donors who made gifts to the Athletic Scholarship Fund during the 2022 Giving Year will be eligible to receive a match on any amount* above their renewal amount.
  • Gifts that come from GT family and friends who did not give to the Athletic Scholarship Fund in the 2022 Giving Year will be eligible to receive a matching gift on the total amount* of their donation.

New gifts or commitments to the 2023 Giving Year must be received by December 31, 2022 to be eligible to receive Accelerate GT match credit.  A commitment constitutes a pledge for the 2023 Giving Year only, and paid by June 30, 2023.

*New gifts must be larger than $50 to be eligible for the match.




Eligible donors will benefit from matching gifts through the following ways:

  • Points– Because the anonymous donor is forgoing their own priority points, donors participating in the Accelerate GT Match will receive 2 points per $100 for the dollar amount matched. See A-T Priority Points for more info  
  • Benefit Levels – Donors participating in the Accelerate GT Match will be recognized at the Athletic Scholarship Fund level earned by their personal giving plus matching funds. See Benefit Chart for more info  


Donor Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

Giving Years span through July 1 - June 30.


Q: If I gave last year, will my renewal gift be matched?

A: While renewed gifts are not eligible for matching, any additional amount you give to the Athletic Scholarship Fund will be matched. Please see the Buzz donor example above.

Q: If I start a pledge this year, will my entire pledge be matched?

A: Matching is based on funds received by June 30, 2023. Your pledge payment for this giving year would be matched, but subsequent pledge payments would not be matched.

Q: If I am a young alumnus, will my new gift be matched?

A: Alumni who have graduated in the last five years are subject to the same eligibility parameters explained above. Young alumni who donate new gifts will receive 3 points per $100 matched which falls in line with the Young Alumni Yellow Jacket Club accelerated points offering.

Q. I requested a corporate match gift when I made a new gift to the Athletic Scholarship Fund. Will my corporate match gift be matched by this initiative?

A. Yes, your corporate match is also eligible to be matched as long as the gift from your company is received by June 30, 2023. Please notify A-T that you have submitted a request for a corporate match from your company.

Q. If I already gave to the Athletic Scholarship Fund in the 2023 Giving Year, am I still eligible for the match?

A. Yes, new gifts to the Athletic Scholarship Fund will be retroactively matched as far back as July 1, 2022.

Q. I routinely give to the Athletic Scholarship Fund in May. If I renew my gift and donate a new gift in May 2023, will I be eligible for the match?

A. Donors may make a commitment by December 31, 2022, to be eligible for this match. This commitment must be paid by June 30, 2023 to receive matching credit. Matching credit will not be applied until the payment is received. If you are interested in making a commitment, please fill out the pledge form.

Q. I am eligible for the match and donated a new gift. When will I see my match points? When will my level be adjusted?

A. Match points and levels will be manually adjusted by the Alexander-Tharpe Fund team monthly. If you are concerned that your gift was not matched properly, please reach out to the A-T Fund by phone, 404-894-5414, or email,

Q. How do I confirm my renewal amount to the Athletic Scholarship Fund?

A. To view your renewal information, please log in to your account at and click on the "2022 ASF Giving" header. The resulting page will display your renewal amount. Renewal statements will also include total gift amounts to the Athletic Scholarship Fund for the 2022 and 2023 Giving Years, and will be sent out via mail in November. You can also contact the A-T Fund by phone, 404-894-5414, or email,, to confirm your renewal amount.

Q. Recently, Georgia Tech announced the public launch of Transforming Tomorrow: The Campaign for Georgia Tech, a $2 billion comprehensive campaign through 2027 that is designed to secure the resources that will advance the Institute and its impact — on people’s lives, on the way we work together to create innovative solutions, and on our world — for decades to come. Is the Competitive Drive Initiative a part of Transforming Tomorrow?

A. Yes. This initiative ties into one of the campaign’s primary goals—to increase financial support for students. We want to expand access for students from Georgia, the U.S., and around the world to attain an exceptional education and to benefit from all that Tech has to offer. All gifts to athletics and the Competitive Drive Initiative will be included in the Transforming Tomorrow campaign. 

All policies related to the Accelerate GT Match are subject to change at Georgia Tech’s sole discretion and without advance notice.