2021 Athletic Scholarship Fund Honor Roll

2021 Athletic Scholarship Fund Honor Roll

The Alexander-Tharpe Fund graciously thanks donors to the Athletic Scholarship Fund at the Alexander level and higher in the 2021 giving year (7/1/2020-6/30/2021). Donors to the Athletic Scholarship Fund contributed more than $2.6 million, a new all-time high for this fund.

To make your gift for the 2022 giving year, visit www.atfund.org/donate

For questions regarding your recognition, please contact Nick Parsons at (404) 894-5390 or nparsons@athletics.gatech.edu, or Barb Dockweiler at (404) 894-6124 or bdockweiler@athletics.gatech.edu.

Full Scholarship ($30,000)
4 Anonymous
Dick Bergmark
G. Niles Bolton
Mr. Joseph Brucella
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Evans
Stewart and Susan Gantt
Mel & Judy Hall
Jimmy & Ann Hunt
Libby & Gary Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Kepano
Frank and Blanchette Maier
Jessica & Christopher Reichart
Jim and Jana Rowe
Danny R. Shepherd
Gray and Ginger Sloop
Karen & Todd Stansbury
Jon and Jennifer Sterling
Ted & Rosalind Tedards
R. Larry Whidby (in memory of Mary Ann Whidby)
Bill and Courtney Williams

Half Scholarship ($15,000-$29,999)
3 Anonymous
Kim & Mark Alexander
Brandon and Stephanie Barrett
Doug and Cate Bogue
James R. Borders
Beth & Paul Daffin
Fred Eyerman
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Ferraro III
Dick and Patricia Iannacone
Robert P. Jamison
Mike Landry
Christopher and Sheila Parsons
Ralph Paulk
Catherine & Gus Scheffer
Alta  & Todd W. Schlemmer
Southern Company
Mark and Tonya Spivey
Ben Tarbutton, III
Ken & Janice Townsend
Lillian & Rhett Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Derek F. Welch
Ed and Marlene White

Diamond T ($7,500-$14,999)
1 Anonymous
Laurie Bagley
Christopher and Rhonda Cassidy
Barbara and Larry Caudle
Julie & Phillip Cook
James L. Drinkard
Jack Faussemagne
Fleet Hoster
Van and Lisa Fletcher
Robert M. Gilson, Jr.
Henry Halliday
Cynthia and Jeff Hanauer
Jay A. Hatch
Michael and April Head
Mr. & Mrs. Lansford M. Hill
Mary and Michael Korsnick
Brent and Laurie Lanier
J. Robert Love
Mrs. J. Erskine Love, Jr.
Gary and Bonnie Matthews
Josh Pastner
W. Scott & Kathryn Y. Petty
Adam Price
Alex and Susan Roush
Jack and Judith Scalley
Cliff Settle
Ryan and Sarah Smith
Andy and Cindy Smoak
Frank R. Tetterton
Lanny Thomas
Tyler and Eleanore Townsend
Eddie W. Turner
James K. Wilson

Golden T ($3,000-$7,499)
3 Anonymous
Jack E. Addams
Tom Akridge
Bunny and Jeffrey Anderson
Suzanne Arnau
Angie and Reed Baker
Daniel Baker
Perry Ballard
Sarah and Jonathon Barge
Britton and Steve Barton
Bird and Anna Blitch
Brad Brown
Scott and Elizabeth Brown
Steven and Cathy Bruning
Robert Burks
John A. Caddell
Ken and Kimberly Carney
Chris Carter
Randy Cochran
David and Holly Cole
Scott and Shelley Coolidge
E. Thomas Coopat, Jr. IM '66
Sean and Gladys Corcoran
Raymond Cox
Kevin and Helene Coyle
Fred Crowe
Mr. & Mrs. Justin F. Deedy, Jr.
Diversified Fire & Safety
Fred C. Donovan
Jim Ewart
Ashby Foltz and Brenda Morales-Pico
Terry C. Fox
Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc.
Steven Gabelman
Charles & Sandra Germany
David and Amanda Gibson
Paul Goggin and Morria Bowens
Jethro and Donna Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Gretzinger, III
Diane Tito Griffin & Marvin W. Griffin (d)
Murray and Jan Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Gurley
Jim Hall
H. J. Hawkins, Jr.
Dr. Timothy D. Helton
Gary and Deborah Henderson
Bill and Cathy Herzig
Charlie and Kathi Hodges
Barry and Ann Hurford
Robert Imm
Mr. & Mrs. James Jarrard
Christie and Marty Jarrio
Ron Johnson
Mary and Rick Johnson
Angie & Samuel T. Kelly
John and Melanie Kelly
Brian and Breanna Kern
Roland and Jean Kinser
William K. Lakenan, Jr.
Melanie and Kevin Langsett
Lynn and Norene Lanier
Mike Last
Robert and Terri Lax
Learfield IMG College
Mark and Jackie Ligler
Freddie J. Locke
Francis and Diane Lott
Scott & Kristie Lowery
Brian Lu
Abu Malik
Renee McCarty
Scott and Jill McConnell
Mr. & Mrs. David M. McKenney
Dawn and Frank Mess
Matt Miller
Steve and Lesley Mooney
Denise and Warren Morgan
Brad Morrell
Michael R. and Jim Moye
Thomas H. Muller, Jr.
Kim Nevetral
James G. Newton, Jr.
Bob and Amanda Norton
Frank and Pamela Orvino
Dave Parker
Dennis & Debbie Patterson
Joan Payne
Joel Pittard
Ruth Porter
Larry and Betty Porter
Michael and Kelly Pouncey
Ross and Karen Pryor
Heather and Ian Queen
Matthew Rank
George and Nannine Reynolds
John Rezabek
Tony Rogers
Glenn A. Rosen
Megan and Russ Rudolph
Edward and Donna Salley
Mr. & Mrs. Murray L. Schine
Richard D. (Dick) Shirk
Allan Boyd Simpson
Larry and Diane Sitton
Thomas Smith
Teresa Smith and Wayne Sellers
Mickey and Kathy Smith
Ed and Connie Stinson
James F. Stringer, Jr.
Jim and Marita Sullivan
Brent Tanner
Scott & Carol Taylor
George and Amy Taylor
Mark and Diane Terry
John & Gail Tramontanis
Philip S. Vincent
Roxanne and Rob Westendorf
Mr. & Mrs. Warren O. Wheeler
Jim Wilson
Gary and Tracie Wilson
Bruce and Cindy Wilson
Bill and Cindi Womack
John and Mona Woodward
Bill and Jan Woolford
Hunter and Martha Yancey
Paul and Sandra Young

Heisman ($1,000-$2,999)
9 Anonymous
Charles & Joeleen Akin
Oscar Aldana
Tim Alman
Mike & Nancy Altizer
Rick and Mary Ann Amari
John Asip
Dean Athanassiades
George P. Backhaus
Steve Bailey
Clint and Tracy Bailey
Patrick Bailey
David Barnett
Chase and Marty Battaglio
Mike and Martha Baumgartner
Ron and Rebecca Beal
Charles Beaty
Randall E. Berry
Rusty and Erin Birchall
Jason & CeeCee Birmingham
Lisa Black
Roger and Connie Blythe
Bobby Dodd Charities Foundation Inc.
Matt Boltin
Kenneth and Lyda Bonifay
Brian & Debbi Bonser
Wilson and Marianne Borden
Bon Building Services, Inc.
Peter and Jamie Bourg
Bob Bowen
Bea & John Boykin
James L. Bradner
Steven and Mary Beth Branscombe
Fred and Vanessa Braselton
Allen Bright
David and Judy Brinson
Joseph P. Brooks, Jr.
Douglas L. Brown
Robert S. Brown
Russell and Carly Brown
Carl J. Brownlee, Jr.
Bryan Brunson
Chase and Elizabeth Bruton
Mrs. William C. Buchheit
R. Steve Buffington
Bob Bulfin and Hulya Kirkici
J. D. and Margie Burroughs
James and Karen Burson
Britney and Nathan Burton
Rich and Pegge Campagna
Julie and Richard Canfield
Clint and Donae Cannon
Bruce and Christine Cates
T. E. Cauthorn, III
Manuel & Cynthia Chavez
Charley Cheney and Nancy Dallas
Doug and Kathie Chipman
Benjamin and Susan Clare
Richard and Janet Coblens
Ms. Mary Melinda Coker
Douglas Col
Dorian Conger and Jean Greenland
Erin and Johnny Conklin
Clark Cook
Jerry and Jean Cooper
Pat Corbe
David and Vickie Countryman
Barry G. & Lori M. Cowart
Charlie and Carol Crawford
Jim Creviston
Mark Crews
William and Yvonne Culpepper
J. Charles Curry, Jr.
Jim and Kay Daniel
Jake Davies
Jeffrey C. Davis
Michael and Lisa Degolian
Ross and Kristen Dekle
Susan Beaudoin and Thomas Dixon
B. Lamar Doolittle
Judson and Teresa Doster
Steve and Anne Downing
Steve and Beverly Dracos
Rod and Laurice Drews
Andy and Karen Drexler
Dean Drinkard
David Duckett
L. Don Duvall, Jr.
Bruce and Sharon Elliston
Shoshanna Engel
Dr. G. B. Espy
Bill and Sharon Falconer
Alan and Kristi Farmer
Cathy and Lloyd Farr
Sandra Fender
Beth and Ronald Fincher
Christopher and Mary Alexa Finke
Howard S. Fleisig
J. Larry Fossett
Andrew and Arlita Frank
Holly and Sammy Freeman
Bob and Sharla Frenzel
Cynthia and Skip Fulton
Ty and Nina Gailey
Jack D. Gaines
Charles and Shannon Gardner
Jeff and Theresa Gasser
Charles S. Gilbert
Richard & Debbie Goldsmith
David and Jennifer Goodson
Johnny and Kim Graham
Glenn A. Gray
Jeff and Shannon Greene
Don H. Gunther, Jr.
Bob and Gail Gusick
Scott Hakim
Fred & Glenda Hale
Steve and Christy Hall
Steve Hamby
E. Shep Hammack
Ashley and Elizabeth Hancock
David and Alicia Hannon
William Hardy
Edrick and Kimberly Harris
Brandy and Jed Harvey
Quill O. Healey
Robert W. Hearn, Jr.
Tim and Ellen Heilig
Chad and Rachel Herring
Bill and Elizabeth Higginbotham
Dr. James W. Hill
J. Wayne Hilton
Chuck and Cass Hollis
Larry W. Holmes
Carol and Michael Horan
Lucy and William Horlock
L. D. Hughes
Willis Hunt
Patrick and Ann Hunter
Frank Inman, Jr.
Keith and Wendy Jackson
David H. Jameson
Martin and Jennifer Jarosick
Sam Joiner
John and Glenda Jones
Michael Karakos
Adam and Kate Kauffman
M. Gordon Keiser, Jr.
Trey Keisler
Stuart and Brenda Kuritzky
John and Cara Kwon
Ralph E. Kytan
Raymond Lawing
Jody and Mandy Ledford
Ms. Mary Leith Leslie
Vicki and Kevin Lester
John Lewis
Ben E. Lilly
Tyler and Jenna Linderman
William Logan
David Long
Earl and Laurie Long
John and Margaret Long
Matt and Tammy Lowery
Ernest K. Lunsford
Mike & Karen Lynch
Jonathan Byrd MacDonald
Bill & Renee Magee
Carolyn and Mike Malone
Mike and Karen Marler
Steve Mayhew
Jerry L. Maziar
Jason and Valerie McFry
Jack and Gloria McGinnis
Kevin and Rebecca McInturff
W. Andrew McKenna
Colleen McLaughlin
Jim and Annette McLaughlin
McLeod Corporation
Charlie and Shana McPhail
Toney and Rosalind Means
Joseph Meliski
Anne and Charles Melton
Carol and Thomas Menders
Eric and Christy Mesimer
Ronnie Mesimer
Roger and Betty Milam
Tricia and Jeremy Miller
Tawana Miller
Will Miller
Ellen and Peter Minderman
Peter Mocker
Andrea and Richard Moffitt
Daniel and Mollie Moore
John and Cherie Morris
Dr. S. E. Murdoch, Jr.
Lamar and Evelyn Murphy
Andrew Naples
H. Ronald Nash
Jennifer and Mark Nash
David and Lelia Nelson
Tim & Robin Norris
Peyton and LuAnne Northington
Adele & Robert Ogilvie
Ed and Faye Oglesby
Peter O'Hanlon
Gene and Sherry Oliver
John and Sharlon O'Neal
Minton and Sandra O'Neal
Myrna and Nicholas Orphan
Jim Overstreet
Joseph and Anne Ozmer
Jon and Biba Parker
Tom and Ellen Parks
Barry and Pam Pate
Joseph W. & Mary J. Paucke
John D. Pelton
Thomas James Pierce
Connie and Joe Piroska
Jack C. Poole
Dee & Jim Pope
Mr. & Mrs. H. Scott Posey
Jamie and Jennifer Praser
John and Rachel Puckett
Aaron Rader
Mark Rambeau
Mike and Farah Randolph
Bo and Renee Reddic
Charley and Leslie Redding
Robert and Jessica Reepe
Sandra Reeves
Steven Regitz
Donna and Ric Rice
Karen & Homer Rice
Lee and Kathi Rich
Jennifer and Randall Rinderknecht
Brooks Rizer
Pat & Allen Robertson
Steve and Betty Robinson
John and Denise Rodio
Pat and Glenda Rogers
Nick Romano
Jeff Rooks
Michael & Candace Rooney
Jeff and Christina Rothwell
Kevin and Jennifer Ruegger
Chris and Cory Sams
Jim Sanders
Charles and Shannon Schendl
Richard A. Schiffler
Chris and Lisa Schroeder
Samuel R. Schwartz
I. J. Scott, III
Mike Sermersheim
Thomas and Tiffany Shaw
Dr. Michael W. Shenk
Lisa and Roger Sherrard
Lane Shields
Julius and Helen Shivers
David W. Shonerd
Jared and Virginia Shope
George Edward Shropshire,
Robert M. Shulman
Cindy and James Skaggs
John and Cindy Slaughter
Grover and Laura Smith
Ashley Smith
Andy and Ann Smith
Kathy Smith
Tom Snelling and Veronica Sandoval
Clay & Holly Sparrow
Barry and Gail Spurlock
Anthony and Suzanne Stallings
Allen and Terri Stanley
Stephen C. Steele
Becky Stephens
Robert J. Stone
Michael Sweeney
Al and Janice Sydnor
Lucian and Jennifer Tatum
Armando and Willene Terrazas
Charles Thomas
Ken and Cynthia Thompson
Adam and Christi Tillery
Joel and Patricia Timberlake
Katie and Chip Tinsley
Louis B. Todd, III
Bill Todd
Frederick and Amy Trainer
Doug and Julie Turner
Zell and Leeann Ulman
Daniel and Sherry vom Saal
Wayne and Barbara Waddell
Randy and Jane Walker
Levi and Desiree Walls
Jack V. Walz, Sr.
Robert H. Ward
Jill and Mike Ward
Jerry D. Warshaw
Terry Wassink
Andreas and Kathy Weller
Lee and Cheryl Whetstone
Dr. & Mrs. Ronnie Whitmire
Amanda and Kevin Widmaier
Peter Williams
Bill Willingham
Lori and Jeff Willis
James Willis
Jerry L. Wilson
E. S. Wilson
Beverly Wilson
Larry D. Woelfl
Gregg and Karla Worley
Brent and Nancy Wright
Jamie Wright
Mac and Terri Yeomans
Dr. Guy P. York
Robert R. Zerden
Alexander ($500-$999)
2 Anonymous
J. Cantey Alexander
Preston Ackerman
Michael Adams
Aubrey and Marianne Akin
Proctor and Patricia Allen
Fred Anthony
Byron and Michele Arceneaux
Ron Arnold
Vishal Arya
Steven J. Asip
Edward W. Avra
William and Fay Bailey
Bill and Kelly Ball
Mary & Sherman Banks
Mr. Brad Hansen and Ms. Beth Barnes
Richard Battle
Perry Bean
Clinton and Jeana Beeland
James and Laura Belanger
Tara and El-Genesis Bey
Matt Boetger
John and Holly Bolton
Adam and Jessica Bounds
Bob Boyce
Bob and Bee Brannon
Robert and Marilyn Bridgers
Matt Broniec
Jay and Jane Brown
Chris and Thomas Brown
Alexis and Josh Brown
Atwood Browning
Edward and Kathryn Brune
Scott M. Bryan
Robert and Karolyn Buck
John and Barbara Buckman
Esteban Burgarelli
James and Amy Burgess
Skipper and Anna Burns
Barry Burns
Earl and Mary Burton
David and Michelle Burton
Willie and Anne Caraway
Gary and Lynn Carden
George and Michelynn Carellas
Stewart Carlin
Paul and Stephanie Carman
Thomas and Janie Carmichael
Charles and Mary Ann Carrington
Patrick Carroll
Ashton and Jeanne Cary
Caroline and Han Chang
Dr. Thomas F. Christian, Jr.
Steve and Rebecca Clayton
Warren and Cameron Clements
Stuart and Shari Clifton
Jim and Joanne Cofer
William Coffer
Bill Coffer
Travis Coker
Jake and Penelope Collins
Steven Coltrane
Chris and Kristin Cornish
Robert Cowan
Charles and Glynis Cox
Ben & Leah Creasman
Brent and Madge Cunningham
Rob Daniel
James C. Davis
Richard De La Guardia
Roger DeBona, Jr.
Jack V. Dell
Kirk Domingos and Barbara Domingoes
Ryan Donohoe
Alesia and Danny Dunlap
Al and Catherine Faulk
David and Andrea Faulkinberry
Paul M. Flood
Clair and Juan Flores
Erin and Mike Flynn
Fleming and Marsha Free
John and Sandy Fumbanks
Joel and Kristi Gaddy
Gary Galloway
David Gentry and Martha Watson
Bob Gibeling
Nolan and Michelle Giddens
Ben Gilbert
Melissa and Brian Giles
Allan and Mary Glover
Jeff and Melissa Goodman
J. Glenn Goodroe
Daniel C. Groover, Jr.
William Hadden
Chuck Hall
Jonathan and Valori Harris
Jay and Brittany Harris
Jim and Linda Haskell
Michael and Laura Hawes
Kevin and Laura Hawkins
William T. Hayes
Karen and Lewis Hays
Rick Hays
Nancy Helton
Charles W. Henderson
Lee Hendrix
John Hensley and Michele Renie Hensley
Neil H. Hightower
Michael Hinson
Lisa Hoggard
Joseph Holbrook
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Holcombe
Mark J. Holmes
Terry and Claire Honan
Brian and Tina Hoots
Danny and Emily Horn
Joe and Dene Huff
Thomas S. Hutcherson
Ray and Rosemary Iacobucci
Scot Iseman
Scott Jacobson
Jonathan and Susan James
Paul and Lisa Jardina
Tommy and Abigail Jay
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Jeffers
Bobby Jenkins
Billups P. Johnson, Jr.
Rudy Johnson
Matt and Mary Johnson
John and Lynn Katzenmeyer
Joe Kaufman
Rodney and Elizabeth Kearns
Larry and Karen Kelly
Jerry and Charlotte Kendall
Charles Kicker
B.C. and Carol Killough
Rich and Karen Kluever
Steve and Jeanne Kosmala
Peter A. Lamas
Dan and Robin Lane
Lauri and Marcus Lewis
Bill and Nell Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Mainor
Joseph Mannelly
M. Manly McCuen, Jr.
Jen and Mark McDonald
Rick and Kristen McDonald
Neal and Patricia McEwen
Craig and Lisa McGalliard
Kimberly Mellot and Matthew Mellott
George and Kathy Milburn
Mike Minutelli
Sonny and Beth Monfort
Jeffrey T. Moore
Kevin and Lisa Morgan
Kirk H. Morton
Bob Moylan
Nate Muller
Ty and Wanda Murray
John and Marcia Newton
Gary and Ann Nizzi
Daniel and Cherie Oerting
Colonel Robert S. Pahl
Jim Parker
Gordon and Pamela Parker
Clay and Kathleen Parnell
John and Teresa Partin
Steven and Kay Paschal
Gene and Tricia Patterson
D. Karl Paul
David and Shirley Payne
Mike Pearlman and Xylina Walker
Ryan Peck
Richard and Susan Peebles
Larry and Valerie Pellett
Chris and Monika Perren
John and Melanie Peters
James Pierce
Susan and Gustavo Pina
Calvin and Cecelia Pittman
Troy and Heather Powell
Grace and Richard Powers
Justin H. Pratt
Dale Preetorius
Tom and Olga Rawls
John W. Rhymes, II
O. Franklin Rogers
Tom and Vicky Rogers
Matty Rost
Justin Rowland
Kim and Ted Sak
Mark G. Samuelian
Ronald G. Sanford
Stephen & Terrye Schaetzel
Bill Schaffer
Maria and Rich Scheff
Chris Scislowicz
Edward and Denise Senules
Michael J. Shershin
Rob Shuman
Tom Simerville
Bradley R. Sims
Steven and Ginger Skipper
Lyman and Rebecca Smith
Mike and Pat Smith
Herbert and Betty Smith
Nolan and Susan Snead
Jack and Allison Spangler
John Lee Sparks
Joe & Peggy Staak
John Stovall
William Strickland
Thomas Sulkowski
Ben & Judy Sumrall
Jay Tamayo
Doug and Leslie Tamplin
Marshall  Ralph Tanner
Becky Tanner
Steve Tasker
Maj. Gen. Larry Taylor
Steven and Sherry Teeter
Mark & Emily Tilden
Jonathan Torrell
Rich and Nancy Tucker
Jeff Turner
Mrs. Pamela Vance
Ronald A. Veith
Mark Viness
Troy and Anne Wagner
Bob and Jacquelyn Walker
Jason and Suzanne Wallace
Anthony and Cristin Warden
Jim and Carol Watts
Steve and Laura Weldon
Tom and Kathryn White
Bo & Bobbie Wilhite
Tony and Diane Wilkey
Linda Podger-Williams and Jim Williams
Jacob and Alana Wilson
Joe Wimbish
Mike Wise and Leila Ahmed
Carol and Steven Wood
Frank Wurst
William Yang