Women's Basketball


Dear Buzzer Beaters,

Let me first send to you my sincerest gratitude for all you did as a community to make my first year on The Flats so memorable. The young women on our team, our staff, and you, our supporters, were all part of putting GT Women’s Basketball on the verge of an NCAA Tournament bid. 

When we launched the Buzzer Beaters support program, we set several goals for group to:

»» Be accessible to all fans 
»» Create a sense of community surrounding the program
»» Provide experiences that connect fans to the student-athletes they support
»» Grow the fan base

In our first year, we saw more than 100 members join, and I can’t wait to see that number continue to grow by leaps and bounds into the best women’s basketball booster club in the nation! 

The Buzzer Beaters offers three levels of membership for individuals or families. Every member receives benefits unique to Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball.Not only do I encourage you to join, but I also encourage you to invite your fellow alumni, family, friends and neighbors to a game so they can experience it for themselves. 

We know that this 2020-21 season will be unlike any other, but we also know the community we build will provide a backbone of support for Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball no matter what challenges we face.  

Go Jackets!
Nell Fortner
Nell Fortner
Head Coach
Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball