A-T Fund FAQ

What is the difference between giving to A-T and giving to the TECH Fund?

Gifts to the TECH Fund are gifts that are made as part of a per-seat donation program for preferred football and basketball seating. Gifts to A-T are all other gifts made in support of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association including but not limited to: gifts for unrestricted current operations, scholarship support, sport-specific support, and facility construction and renovation.

Will gifts to the TECH Fund count toward maintaining my consecutive years of support to A-T?

You maintain consecutive years of support by making an annual gift to A-T or by making a TECH Fund donation through the purchase of season tickets. Gifts to A-T provide the donor with additional benefits not available for TECH Fund gifts.

If I continue purchasing my season tickets through the TECH Fund, should I make an additional gift to A-T?

Making an annual contribution to A-T is beneficial in many ways. First, you would be making a tax-deductible gift (typically A-T unrestricted gifts are 100 percent deductible and gifts to the TECH Fund are 80 percent deductible) to support and strengthen Georgia Tech athletics. Second, based upon the amount of your donation, you would receive numerous amenities (see Annual Giving Levels). Third, unrestricted gifts to A-T receive 2 points per $100 as opposed to 1 point per $100 for gifts to the TECH Fund.

What are priority points?

Priority points are the means by which we implement requests for season ticket changes, assign and allocate tickets for all postseason events, and assign and allocate season parking passes. Gifts to A-T are the quickest way to accumulate points. 


When should I make my A-T gift?

The A-T giving year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30. Some annual giving benefits are immediately distributed (e.g. giving level-specific auto decals), while others are available in the following giving year (e.g. name recognition in game day programs).