A-T Priority Points

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The priority point system was implemented in 1987. It is intended to promote fairness, create new solicitation opportunities, benefit the entire Institute, reward the loyalty of our longtime supporters, and accommodate individual circumstances.  A-T priority points reward gift amounts and long-term support in the distribution of tickets, seating, parking, and access to away games and post-season tournaments.  Priority point earnings begin following an initial gift to any area of GT athletics.  

Factor Value
Consecutive years giving to Alexander-Tharpe Fund

1 point per year

Consecutive years purchasing Football Season Tickets

2 points per year

Consecutive years purchasing Men's Basketball Season Tickets

2 points per year

Consecutive years purchasing Volleyball Season Tickets

1 point per year

Consecutive years purchasing Baseball Season Tickets

1 point per year

Consecutive years purchasing Women's Basketball Season Tickets

1 point per year

Alumni Credit

10 points for graduating from GT (one time only per spouse)

Former Athlete Credit

10 points for lettering in a sport at GT (one time only per sport/spouse)

Former Band or Spirit (Dance, Reck Club) Member 
10 points for band/spirit club participation at GT (one time only per club/spouse)
Consecutive years contributing to Roll Call

1 point per year

Years of giving $1,000+ to Roll Call

1 point per year

Points from Transactions (per $100):
@ point factor 0.50
Pledges, Revocable Planned Gifts, Irrevocable Planned Gifts for Donors less than 65 years old
@ point factor 1.00
TECH Fund, Sport-specific and/or Restricted gifts, Annual withdrawals from named Endowments, Pledge payments for endowments, Irrevocable Planned Gifts for Donors over 65 years old
@ point factor 1.50

Endowments, Pledge payments (for A-T Unrestricted, AD Initiative, Facilities)

@ point factor 2.00

Athletic Scholarship Fund, Athletic Director’s Initiative Fund, and/or Facility Initiatives

 *Consecutive refers to continuous years of making a gift and/or purchasing season tickets. The calculation for consecutive year points begins with the most recent year and counts backwards. Missed years will result in a loss of consecutive status and points earned.

Why are A-T priority points important?

Football and men’s basketball season ticket relocation requests, season parking requests, football away game and postseason tickets, and men’s basketball ACC Tournament and NCAA tournament tickets are all allocated in A-T priority point order. Every point counts!

What happens to A-T  points upon death?

Upon an A-T member’s death, all giving history and points will be transferred into the surviving spouse’s name, if applicable.

Can I transfer my A-T points to someone else? 

When making a gift, you can choose to name someone else to receive the point benefit of the gift rather than yourself.  Accumulated points cannot be transferred to someone else unless you are a Golden Life Member or higher. 

What about students and young alumni?

Priority points associated with gifts and commitments to the Alexander-Tharpe Fund are subject to change.