Fiscal Year 2021 Priorities

The following are our top priorities for the balance of FY20:  


As we continue through the 2020-21 academic year there are many unknowns, and with that uncharted territory comes significant financial challenges. To provide our outstanding fans with a way to help our student-athletes thrive despite challenges in the short-term and come out even stronger on the other side, we have established the Support the Swarm Fund. 

We hope to have more details on the upcoming seasons in the very near future, but as we launch the Support the Swarm Fund, there are several ways you can help us navigate what could be a challenging financial situation:

  1. Make a tax-deductible gift in any amount today;
  2. If you are not a season ticket member, but usually buy single-game tickets to football, men’s basketball or women’s basketball games and are not planning to do so this year due to health concerns, redirect what you would usually spend on attending games into a donation to the Support the Swarm Fund;
  3. Share this with your fellow Yellow Jackets.

If you are a current season ticket member and wish to contribute to the Support the Swarm Fund, you can a) make an online donation at the link above or b) contact your ticket office representative to discuss ways that you can redirect your ticket investment to the Support the Swarm Fund if you have already made the decision to not attend games this season due to health concerns.

The challenges presented by Covid-19 are undeniable, but with your continued support of our student-athletes, we are hopeful that it can be a one-year road bump for Georgia Tech athletics, rather than a situation that affects our student-athlete experience for years to come.


As the 2021 year takes shape, it remains important that Georgia Tech Athletics has the ability to be nimble and react quickly to an ever-changing landscape. Unrestricted gifts to the Athletic Director's Initiative Fund can be used at the discretion of the Director of Athletics to address unexpected critical needs as they arise.

In any given year, a number of improvements outside the scope of standard operations can be made immediately to support innovation and excellence in Georgia Tech's athletic programs. The AD's Initiative Fund also gives the Director of Athletics the flexibility to address these needs in real time.


Similar to named dean's chairs and school chairs at the Institute , naming a coaching or leadership position creates a lasting family legacy and an endowment that provides annual income for program support, ensuring that Georgia Tech attracts and retains the very best talent.



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